The story so far

Part One

Christine’s big break came at the age of eight, when she fractured her elbow running on a barrel on her Luton patio. “I felt the spirit of the circus in me”, she said later, at A & E. At 13, an accomplished French Horn player, Christine cracked a vertebra after falling backwards off the stage of the Bedfordshire Youth Orchestra. “I was distracted by the triangle boy” she said later, in traction.

In her early 20s, Christine caught the acting bug, as well as chlamydia, as a member of Fulham Dance Attic Drama Society. “I was delirious; both with the rigours of Antigone and the severity of the STD” she said later, in A & E.

In 2002, upon graduation from Oxford School of Drama “my spiritual home; despite bollockings” Christine made the first of many appearances on the London stage, as tragic/alcoholic heroine Joan Scott-Fowler in Rattigan’s After The Dance. The first of many neurotics Christine would bring to life at notable theatres such as The Gate, Hampstead, Leicester Square and The Hope, it was this performance that gained the fancy of theatre guru Michael Billington, who described her work as ‘exceptional’. “It was a tough time; high plaudits can crush,” Christine said later, at an AA meeting.

Part Two

leather-cheekA devotee of method acting, Christine locked herself in the boot of her car for 48 hrs in preparation for her role as Margaret in bunker tragedy Only Forever at The Hope Theatre, of which one audience member commented: “it was so real I wanted to be sick”.

Christine graced our screens alongside her theatre career, sketching a cock & balls on E4’s ground-breaking reality TV show The Great Love Swindle, and producing & starring in classic comedy short Smoking Haddock (link), a role for which Christine famously married a fishmonger. Her sell out stand up show at The Water Poet venue, in 2013, further established her status as a comic provocateur, a status reinforced by Logan Murray, of Amused Moose fame, grabbing her by the throat and shouting: “if you don’t pursue comedy I’ll kill you”.

Her comedy web creation ‘Noo n Rose’ – “Smith & Jones with tits and tea” – is currently leaving millions of viewers in agonies of mirth.

Christine currently resides in West London with her visa hungry second husband, Gifted child, and Autistic Cat called George.