Margaret in Only foreverThe Hope Theatre directed by Poppy Rowley

Only forever

My character was crippled: the pub Juke Box downstairs ruined all my best lines. Never again.

Teacher in MonsterLeicester Square Theatre directed by Kamaal Hussain


Brilliant fun. White teacher attacks black pupil. Really enjoyed strangling my co-star AJ. As I told his mum on the phone; you want it real or not?

Narrator in HabitatsThe Gate Theatre directed by Fiona Laird


I always knew I’d do a French play one day. I just never counted on so many audience members doing crosswords all the way through.

Phonsine in MayaThe Gate Theatre directed by Erica Whyman

Don’t remember much, except Erica was a gas and I fancied the producer.

Joan Scott-Fowler in After the DanceThe Cockpit Theatre directed by Sonia Fraser

At first I was intimidated by playing a ‘high society’ lady, then I realised her alcoholism was my way in.

Gloria in Fag BreakHampstead Theatre directed by Mark Lindow

Royally fucked up my entrance.

Pianist in News RevueCanal Café Theatre directed by Matthew Wooton

News Revue

Enduring 5 smelly male piano teachers in my youth was worth it just so I could bash out ‘Let Me Entertain You’ each night to screaming fans…

Various roles in City StoriesTheatre Absolute directed by Chris O'Connell

Stayed in same Coventry digs as Brian Murphy a.k.a. George Roper from George & Mildred. Stars converge

Mrs Bernick in Pillars of the CommunityPegasus Theatre, Oxford directed by Katy Goodwin

Yet again I’m cast as a hysterical, rejected, repressed, idiotic woman. Got told off in rehearsals for calling my husband a ‘total c***’. On top of that I had to learn Scottish.


Producer & Brenda in Smoking Haddockshort directed by Paul Sandhu

Smoking Haddock

Taking over a fishmonger had its challenges. I smelt of haddock for days afterwards. We suffer, in so many ways, for our art…

Catherine in Three Wishesshort directed by Sophie Lacombe

My first sex scene. I think I came off ok. Not sure about the viewers.

Sandra in The Great Love Swindlean E4 production directed by Chloe Thomas

I’ll never forget the producer whispering in my ear “now draw a cock n balls on a piece of paper”. He had a wonderful vision.